Christmas at Temple Square

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Joy to Everyone!!

Luke The Dancing Elf

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Fall Time

Luke playing in the fall leaves at Grandma and Grandpa James yard.

Amanda and Luke putting up the Christmas Lights.

Here's the rock that Luke pooped out Sunday morning.
He swallowed it Friday night and the nurse told us "just watch for it to come out".

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Luke is One Year Old!

Here's a video clip of Luke and his birthday cake, on the Fourth of July!

Luke's First Haircut

We finally got rid of Luke's mullet. After an attempt to cut Luke's hair myself, and a late night, panicked call to Alicia, Luke got his first real haircut. Bye-bye mullet.

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Playing in the Cupboards

Luke really likes to open the cupboards pull stuff out and then climb into them.

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I do 20 push-ups every morning.
I love the kleenex box.
All the babes love me in my new swim trunks.
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Dad and Son at the computer.
Lost in Mom and Dad's bed.
Luke doing his daily chores.
Ready for lunch.
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Luke is 8 months old

Luke in his bathtub.

Luke eating in his high chair.

Easter Sunday 2008
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