Christmas 2007

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Thanksgiving 2007

Saturday Afternoon Walk


Luke asleep with Puppy.
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Jumpy Chair

Luke likes the jumpy chair that he borrowed from Jordan. Thanks!

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First booboo


Mommy cut my finger while clipping my nails. Ouch! But don't worry--I'm fine.
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Luke at 3 Months Old




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We finally got Luke to smile on camera. One little smile on the couch and a big smile during his bath tonight.

Bathing Luke

Luke at One Month Old

Luke looking around after his bath

Horses Chowing Down

I mowed the lawn on Friday for the first time. After I got done the constantly hunger horses came over to eat our lawn.
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Sunday Dinner at Jenny and Chris's House

Luke Robert James Born on the Fourth of July 2007



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Carlos at 24 Weeks Old

This picture of his face is from Thursday. The video shows him swallowing and drinking his amniotic fluid, but I couldn't get the video to transfer onto the web. Sorry.

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It's a BOY!!

We went to the perinatologist today for a consult, and weren't expecting to find out the sex of the baby, but we did. This is a butt view: butt on the right, a leg on the bottom, a (barely visible) leg on the top, and his unit in the middle. We're very excited!

The Birds

Now that I have some video editing software and a new blog, I've decided to add some more videos.

Yesterday I took this video of a Great Blue Heron in the field behind our house. The heron looked liked it was sneaking up on something walking very slowly.

The second video is of a Bald Eagle that has been hanging out in a tree back in the field. It took me forever to get it flying on video, but after waiting about 15-20 minutes I finally got it.